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What budget does your fleet require?

Anticipate and control costs to maintain business stability.


  Cost History  

Keep a history of maintenance

All the details of fleet maintenance you need to keep safe, including costs, are recorded in your account. How much fuel was used and how much was spent on service - everything is highlighted in reports that show the trend of expenditures for each vehicle.


Manage fuel bills

With Nexus GPS Tracking you can automatically import data on fuel purchase. Then, you just have to prepare an Excel document and import it using our interface;

   Fuel Bills
  Consumption Reports  

Analyze costs

Based on data input, we generate reports so you can check fuel consumption per 100km (based on fuel bills) and the cost per km for each vehicle in the fleet. Compare vehicles from your fleet and draw conclusions about the effectiveness of your fleet and activities.





Fleet Tracking

Every 30 seconds vehicle's position is updated, so you can see in real time on the map the routes covered. Nexus GPS Tracking offers a free 30-day trial - no credit card required.

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Improve Fuel Economy

Nexus GPS Tracking will rent you the necessary tools to monitor diesel consumption accurately. Find out how the fuel is used and cut costs by 30%.

Check Fuel Consumption...

Free Advice

During our contract we will do our best to fix any problem within 24 hours. We are available Monday to Friday between 9.00 AM and 6.00 PM CET.

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